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About Coande GmbH

Coande Communication and Design develops sustainable design 
solutions in the field of identity and branding. Our projects for swiss and global clients, are characterized by careful, strategic and long-term orientation. In addition to the project work for our international clients, we are also involved in lecturing and research and have authored various publications and held conferences and workshops on identity, branding and design history.  
Founded: 1996 in Zurich and New York, since 2012 in Männedorf
Founded jointly by Peter Vetter and Katharina Leuenberger in 1996, the Studio Coande, for identity and brand development, has been successfully realizing projects for various international clients for years. Among others La Rinascente, Milan; BMW Group, Munich; Landis & Gyr, Zug; BMW Japan, Tokyo; Museum of Fine Arts, Houston; Clifford Chance, London; Zentrum Paul Klee, Bern; Ministero della Cultura, Rome; Autorità Portuale di Palermo and City Rapperswil-Jona.
Coande usually works in medium to long-term relationships together with its clients. Only these kinds of in-depth and on-going processes, including dialogue and an atmosphere of mutual trust, can determine and develop sustainable and innovative solutions.  

Katharina Leuenberger,
CEO and responsible for project management and research

Peter Vetter,
Designer and Consultant
Senior Lecturer and Researcher at Zurich University of the Arts
Coande Network 
Our network, which we have carefully built up over years of cooperation, includes consultants for strategy, copyright, research, legal competence etc. and also partners for print, online and interactive media. Out of this network, a qualified team for a specific requirement of project can be assembled. It combines proven, entrepreneurial-minded professionals and provides optimal solutions, to meet the expectations of demanding clients. 
International Collaboration
A number of projects have been created in collaboration with Vignelli Associates in New York. In the Italian market, Coande collaborates with two partner studios in Milan under the name D/C/P. Riccardo Soffientini, DA Centro per il disegno ambientale and Roberto Priori, Studio Priori & Co.
The following collaborators were involved in the projects published here: Mischa Leiner, Iver Knebel, Simone Torelli, Christoph Frey, Till Ramstein, Jacqueline Kübler, Caroline Demuth, Kathrin Urban, Brigitte von Arx, Stefanie Aberer and Ilias El Mezouari.
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Awards and prizes

1972 Compasso d'oro, Milano; Faema project

1992 First prize Landis + Gyr annual report

1999 Atheneum, American Museum of Design; inclusion of       the BMW Annual Report into the permanent collection

2003 First prize and assignment of the identity and           design program of the Zentrum Paul Klee Bern 

2003 Nomination Design Award Switzerland, design             program Bank Leu

2004 First prize at the international competition for         the design program of the cultural center Grande         Brera (Milan, Italy)

2005 First prize at the international competition for         the design program of the Musei San Domenico,

     Forlí (Italy)

2006 Winner of the competition and assignment of the

     development of the identity and design of the city       of Rapperwil-Jona

2014 Nomination for Design Award Switzerland, with the       design program for the city administration of           Rapperswil-Jona

2017 DIA Design Intelligence Award 2017: Top 100 award,

     China Accademy of Art, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province

2018 Short-list, International competition for the city       branding City of Jiaxing (China)

2020 Swiss Design Award, Hall of fame, inclusion of the       Rapperswil-Jona and Bank Leu AG programs.

Awards for the best annual report in Germany by Industrie Magazin and later Manager Magazin:


1988 BMW Annual Report first prize

1989 BMW Annual Report third prize 

1990 BMW Annual Report first prize

1991 BMW Annual Report first prize

1993 BMW Annual Report first prize

1994 BMW Annual Report first prize

1995 BMW Annual Report second prize

1996 BMW Annual Report first prize

1997 BMW Annual Report first prize

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