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Rapperswil-Jona Zeughaus-Areal


The Zeughaus area, located in the center of the city and characterized by its typical architecture, contains a number of public institutions as well as private initiatives and companies. A signage system which primarily provides orientation was developed but it also intended to identify the area as a typical part of the city. In a first phase, the guidance system elements have now been realized, more will be added and the identification of the individual activities is planned for 2023, after the renovation; as well as an “public art project".


Posters against the war


At the invitation of B. Martin Pedersen of Graphis International, we decided to design posters against the war. Here is the argumentation of our proposal: We are convinced that in the 21st century war should not be an instrument to solve conflicts. At the same time, we realize that the Ukraine war is only one of many wars in the world. We in the Western world are more sensitive to this war because it affects us, but there are other equally brutal wars that we unfortunately do not pay adequate attention to: Syria, Armenia, Kurdistan, Congo, Yemen, Somalia, Ethiopia and more. For this reason, we conceived our poster as a message against war in general and decided to create a series of posters in the 15-20 most important languages of the world. We have realized seven examples and all have the following claim: War destroys and must be destroyed.


Exhibition Hans Aeschbach and Daniel Zimmermann


For the third exhibition in the cycle "Hans Aeschbach", which presents works by Aeschbach and his student Daniel Zimmermann, the invitation, the poster and a leaflet were designed. A website for Aeschbach is also in planning and will be launched in the course of September. Further initiatives around the work of Hans Aeschbach are envisioned in the near future. 


Nicole Brandes Core Management


A strong symbol synonymous for top consulting. For Nicole Brandes, we designed a new look that underscores the exclusivity of her consulting services. An unique monogram accompanied by a characteristic color spectrum and a cultivated typography form the basis for this fresh appearance. The style of the different online and print media underlines the personal, exclusive form of consulting through clarity and elegance. The resulting visual identity reflects the philosophy that Nicole Brandes personifies and conveys in her consulting work.


Interview Xiao Yong and Peter Vetter in the magazine ZETT

of Zurich University of the Arts.

A conversation, moderated by Stefan Erdin, about similarities and differences between Chinese and Western design and about globalization in communication - topics like local-global, urban-rural or China-Switzerland are addressed.

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Linking Cultures

Linking Cultures is an exchange program founded by Jana Traboulsi and Peter Vetter that today includes six universities from Beirut, Berlin, Cairo, Marrakech, Sharjah and Zurich. The project, which has been in existence for almost three years, includes two programs: An interdisciplinary project and lecture series in the spring and a "Students for Students" exchange program in the fall. The projects covered so far are "What Design can do for society, culture, economy, education, gender or environment" and this year "Design as Dissent".

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Arbeit und Recht

Smaller programs are also important. For Arbeit&Recht a legal advisor a simple design program was developed. This includes a website and a photo archive that allows the client to update

the site itself.

Client: Arbeit und Recht, José Sanchez
Project: Branding