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Three Swiss designers and artists

Rolf Rappaz, Willi Eidenbenz and Hans Aeschbach are three designers whose biographies have various points of contact and similarities. All three have been successful graphic designers and have been involved with art in different ways. These parallels and the peculiarities of the three personalities were examined in the exhibition curated for the Museum Rappaz in collaboration with Yujin Kim and Armin Vogt. 


Four projects at the new design school in Shenzhen, China

Four different projects for different educational levels were realized for the Shenzhen International School of Design/HIT, which has been in existence since 2022. In one workshop, the concept for a future learning platform for the school was developed and in a second project, "Mapping Global Creative Industry", 18 teams documented current global developments in design and architecture. The other two projects carried out this year both dealt with creative methods that were verified by designing posters or brand projects.


Museum of Fine Arts Houston 24 years later on

24 years ago, we developed and implemented the MFAH design and branding system in collaboration with Vignelli Associates, New York. To this end, we defined corresponding specifications and, above all, instructed the museum's employees in appropriate workshops. Since then, the concept has worked very well, even when we have not actively intervened, and the projects that have been created since then speak for themselves.

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