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Coande GmbH, Almastrasse 6, 8708 Männedorf, Switzerland

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Our logos still in use since 1972
Coande has created many visual identities and even in previous constellations, a number of successful logos. So we wanted to know how many of them are still actively used today. There are 20 logos in six different countries (Italy, Switzerland, USA, UK, Morocco, and China) that are still in use. The oldest since 52 years and the newest 5 years. This means that our logos have an average lifespan of about 24 years.


1] Bit S.r.l. and BBV, Milano; Zintzmeyer & Lux, Zürich, Bonn, New York; Vignelli Associates, New York; Coande, Zurich and DCP, Zurich and Milano

Master Lectures in Hong Kong und Beirut

As part of the lecture series of the Zurich University of the Arts for the HKDI, Hong Kong Design Institute, the presentation "Swiss Made - a brand story" was developed. This lecture was held online on November 4, 2022. 

A lecture on the topic "From universal to local - Thoughts on the topic and six projects as examples" was created and given in the context of the project and the conference of the same name "Linking Cultures" at the American University of Beirut (Lebanon).

Posters against the war


At the invitation of B. Martin Pedersen of Graphis International, we decided to design posters against the war. Here is the argumentation of our proposal: We are convinced that in the 21st century war should not be an instrument to solve conflicts. At the same time, we realize that the Ukraine war is only one of many wars in the world. We in the Western world are more sensitive to this war because it affects us, but there are other equally brutal wars that we unfortunately do not pay adequate attention to: Syria, Armenia, Kurdistan, Congo, Yemen, Somalia, Ethiopia and more. For this reason, we conceived our poster as a message against war in general and decided to create a series of posters in the 15-20 most important languages of the world. We have realized seven examples and all have the following claim: War destroys and must be destroyed.

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