For every company, innovation is the basis of further development. Research and development are essential prerequisites to develop sustainable innovations. Since years, Coande is investing at least 10% of its turnover in research, both in the context of the studio as well as in connection with a lectureship at ZHdK Zurich University of the Arts.
This innovation-development includes the following projects:

  • Identity, Branding, Communication

  • Ernst Keller, pioneer and inventor of the «Swiss Style»

  • Design Zurich: Design and Innovation, since 1878; History of      the Zurich School and its successor institutions

  • Design as Investment: Study on the relationship between age and  success of brands and stock market values of design-conscious corporations and institutions

  • Economy, Design, Innovation

  • Design for All

  • Project Ensemble – Creative Industries in emerging economies

  • Linking Cultures: Lecture series and project in collaboration    with six universities from Beirut, Cairo, Marrakech, Geneva,      Berlin and Zurich.

  • Identity and diversity in global communication and branding

  • Economy 4.0: Challenges for branding, design and communication

  • Creating values through identity, branding and design

  • City branding, public institutions and identity