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Das Projektarchiv umfasst Projekte, die in unterschiedlichen Konstellationen realisiert wurden:

  • Bank Leu, Zürich

  • MYCOSYM International, Basel

  • Stiftung Schweizer Jugend forscht, Basel

  • IS&T, First European Conference on Color, Poitiers (Frankreich)

  • Homegate AG, Adliswil

  • Invision AG, Zug

  • 2B AG, Dübendorf

  • NASA, Design Programm ISS, International Space Station, Washington DC (USA)

  • Roma Termini, Ferrovia Italiane, Roma (Italien)


Arbeit und Recht

Smaller programs are also important. For Arbeit&Recht a legal advisor a simple design program was developed. This includes a website and a photo archive that allows the client to update

the site itself.

Client: Arbeit und Recht, José Sanchez
Project: Branding


Linking Cultures

Linking Cultures is an exchange program founded by Jana Traboulsi and Peter Vetter that today includes six universities from Beirut, Berlin, Cairo, Marrakech, Sharjah and Zurich. The project, which has been in existence for almost three years, includes two programs: An interdisciplinary project and lecture series in the spring and a "Students for Students" exchange program in the fall. The projects covered so far are "What Design can do for society, culture, economy, education, gender or environment" and this year "Design as Dissent".

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