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BMW identity and design program

1975, Zintzmeyer & Lux has successively built up BMW's identity and design program. From the 1980s, Peter Vetter led the BMW project as partner and creative director.

The first phase, with the development of an articulated manual system, was mainly guided by the idea of creating worldwide order through standards and corresponding tools in the communicative visual. Thus, the program, from printed matter to corporate architecture or company vehicles, was expanded.


By the end of the 1980s, the entire design program had gained wide acceptance in the BMW organization, and its worldwide appearance was recognized as a style-setter. The question of how a successful program can be further improved and developed was to be answered. The answer was to replace the standardization of the first phase with an actual learning program. This resulted in a book series that conveyed advertising, branding and graphic design in the spirit of BMW's corporate philosophy, thereby providing the worldwide sales organization with a tool to optimize the high standards it had achieved.

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