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Ascom Holding AG

Ascom was arose in 1987 from the merger of the three most important telecommunications companies in Switzerland, Autophon, Hasler Holding and Zellweger Telecommunications. The conception of the design program, of this new venture, was primarily about establishing the link to the three established companies. The goal of the project was to promote communication as a core competency and further to explain what the core business of the new company and its business units is.


The design program thus had to meet two requirements: To position a new brand in an attractive and innovative way, and at the same time to represent the diverse operating branches of the group. In addition to a highly communicative visual world, the new image focuses on a labeling system that verbally refers to the various activities of the group of companies and explains them in a comprehensible way.


Client: Ascom Holding AG, Bern

Project: Branding and design program

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